terça-feira, 8 de janeiro de 2008

"Little Girl" - Hugh Laurie

Ontem, numa das minhas viagens interwebicas de descontracção e graças ao viciante hipertexto do IMDB, fui dar com um dos clássicos da comédia... A Bit of Fry and Laurie!

Vejam, ouçam e leiam a letra desta fantástica música cantada por um Hugh Laurie de aspecto algo duvidoso...

Little girl, would you like a sweetie?
Would you place your hand in mine?
I promise not to hurt you, or impinge upon your virtue,
All I want is half a second of your time...

Little girl, won't you smile now for the camera,
I know this time I'll get the perfect shot,
Do you think that it would hurt, if you just undid your shirt,
And showed the readers everything you've got?

Little girl, you really mustn't worry,
No-one will respect you any less,
After all is said and done, you know it's just a bit of fun,
Now be a sport, take off that pretty dress...

Little girl, can't you see it, now you're famous?
Your name is on the nation's lips!
At breakfast they'll admire you, by lunchtime they'll desire you,
And by dinner you'll be wrapping up their chips!

Little girl, congratulations on your record,
They played it on the wireless just today,
It was fast and rather naughty, went straight in at number forty,
But the DJ said that that's where it should stay.

Little girl, so you got married to a pop star,
I can hardly work my camera for the tears,
But as you said your fond goodbyes, I got a great shot of your thighs,
Such a shame you were divorced within a year...

Little girl, you're not a girl now and you're not little,
But there's one last thing I'd love it if you'd do.
Although she's slightly shorter, I would love to meet your daughter,
Do you think that she would like to follow you?
Do you think that she would like to follow you?

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