sábado, 20 de setembro de 2008

Olha que bela noticia

Segundo um aturado teste na internet:

You Are 76% Interesting

Believe it or not, you are a very fascinating person.

You're probably too busy being interesting to realize exactly how interesting you are.

You have a rich, full life. You are curious about the world, and you are very open to new experiences.

You have a lot to talk about, and people find you to be an amazing conversationalist.

And most importantly, you are truly interested in other people. How could anyone find that boring?
You truly listen and learn from others. You're not self absorbed or shallow.

(Bits & Pieces)

2 comentários:

Pirilampa disse...

Ha ha! 80% winner :p
Mas a explicação é a mesma: "believe it or not.. whatever whatever"

Beijo ;)

NM disse...

Uhmmm Eu duvido que sejas mais interessante que eu... Mas tudo bem.