quarta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2007

Uma musica imortal

Aos anos que eu não ouvia isto!

Lucia Moniz e Nuno Bettencourt - "Try Again"

One look
you know that you've fallen
she knocks you over
you say this is it
straight from a movie
he says all the right things
you know he's the one
Next time around
try again
Weeks pass
still kind of perfect
my heart's removed now
I gave it to you
you constantly move me
further and further
reaching my soul
Next time around
try again
plans for a movie
you call me to cancel
girls going dancing
our romantic picnics
turn into football
boys will be boys
Now months pass
knowing you love me
I've taken you forever
together for granted
Next time around
try again
Home late
you won't even kiss me
the eyes of my angel
accuse me I'm guilty
Follow me
to my friends' house
hide 'cause we're dying
jealousy is cancer
Next time around
try again
You never give me any space
or time to breathe
Try again
Sometimes I wish you'd leave alone
and get away from me
Try again
I can't believe you'd say these things
if you're in love with me
Try again
I never thought you'd ever say
those awful things to me
Try again
Oh no
the roses I gave you
are suddenly fading
along with our love
Who cares
the credits are rolling
love's just a movie
there's always an end
Love is what it is
It just is
Love is what it is
It just is

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